• BBC Serious Golf Society

    2019 July 6th event at Golfhorst

  • 2020 BBC Management Team

    We always do our best !

    Kelly Teo

    Overall Management

    KyuTae Sun

    Event Management

    Jamie Lim

    Website Management

    Hoolag Son

    Financial Management

  • How to book your game

    2 steps by E-GOLF4U or call to reception(04-99391443)


    Log in

    1. Log in via www.eg4u.nl
    2. Select 'Best' in Golfbann
    3. Enter your id - Mostly your family name, i.g) OH1
    4. Enter your password - Your birth date(ddmmyy), i.g) 130305

    Book your play time

    1. Click 'Starttijden'
    2. Click 'Reserveren' & click right top
    3. Select 'Date' & '9 or 18'
    4. Select 'Time'
    5. Select 'Reservering opslaan'


    1. Inform to reception before playing
    2. Have fun ! 
  • How Golf game book works

    We will use this app for monthly events, please download this app and follow with below instructions.

    Registration & Log in

    Download app on your smartphone to register your profile.

    Join Game

    After you log in, first you go to 'Menu' & select 'JOIN GAME'.

    Enter access code & Join your group

    BBC management will inform you the access code before event, you can enter the access code and select your group

    Enter your scores

    You can see your group players name, one of your group should enter each members scores in every hole.


    You can enjoy live scoring leaderboards !!!

  • 2020 Monthly Result

    * Note 1 : In order to register your score, we have to declare that we qualify the score card via mobile phone(www.eg4u.nl).

    Flight captain will coach others.

    Basic Guideline for BBC event :
    No attendance in drink session and no prizes for net/lowest/longest/Neary , BBC MT will give only BBC points, we will use prizes for a lucky draw for attendees.
    About BBC points rules :

    BBC started a new reward system which was announced at the last (April) event. Instead of dividing the competition in men and women, we divide it in cat. A (hcp 0-23) and cat. B (hcp24-36).

    Points will be distributed as follows:
    5 points - Winner Cat. A and Cat. B
    4 points - 2nd place Cat. A and Cat. B

    3 points - 3rd place Cat. A and Cat. B

    2 points - members who did not win points for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place will get 2 points for attending the event.

    In addition to the points above:

    1 point - Longest Drive Cat. A and Cat. B
    1 point - Neary Cat. A and Cat. B

    1 point - Leary Cat. A and Cat. B

    * Total highest point players will take 2019 BBC championship trophies (1st,2nd and 3rd)

  • 2020 BBC Monthly Event

    Please pay 10 euro or transfer to H.L. Son​ NL94ABNA 0842 0680 90 only for players who would like to drink & snack after game.

    21-March (36th)

    at Swinkelsche

    18-April (37th)

    at Swinkelsche

    9-May (38th)

    at Swinkelsche

    13-June (39th)

    at Swinkelsche

    4-July (40th)

    at Golfhorst

    29-August (41st)

    at Swinkelsche

    19-September (42nd)

    at Swinkelsche

    24-October (43rd)

    at Swinkelsche

  • BBC Rules & Etiquette

    BBC Rules :

    1. Need to arrive at the teeing ground 10 min before, late arrival will get 3 stroke penalties, No exceptions !!!
    2. Flight captain A captain will be appointed in every flight. He or she will be responsible for:

    a. Keeping the score on GameBook
    b. Keeping the pace. For example, the captain ask player to play provisional ball in case rule 3 comes in play and ask player to pick up the ball when rule 7 occurs.
    3. Lost and OB tee penalty,When you want to play your next shot near to the spot where the ball went missing or next to the OB area. (Like OB tee in Korea) Lost ball and OB will get a 2 stroke penalty and player must drop the ball to the rough side at the boundary line btw rough and fairway. e.g If you were unable to find your ball, then this will be the 4th stroke. To avoid this, we advise you to play a provisional ball.
    4. Penalty Area (includes water hazards, desert, jungle, lava rock, etc.), which are marked by the red or yellow markings is the same as with the general golf rule.
    5. If you call your ball as a unplayable, then you need to drop the ball within 2 club lengths from the boundary of the wood.
    6. Concede (gimme) will be given when the distance of the ball to the hole is less than the length of your putter (excluding the grip, so it is not the whole putter length). The flight captain must also see and agree to the concede.For Par & Birdy putts, there is no concede, so you must finish your stroke without concede.
    7. Maximum stroke per hole is double par. When a player reaches double par before finishing the hole, he or she will pick up the ball and forfeit the hole. The score will be double par.

    New Golf Rules 2019 in addition to the BBC rules :

    8. Searching for lost ball Player has 3 minutes to search for lost ball Old rule: Player has 5 minutes to search for lost ball.

    9. Dropping the ball You can drop the ball from the height of your knees. Old rule: you have to drop the ball from shoulder height with your arm straight.

    10. Moving the ball When player accidentally causes the ball to move (on the green or when looking for it), he or she has to place the ball back on the original spot without penalty. This does not apply to rule 13 and 14. When player accidentally causes the ball to move when he or she was trying to move the loose impediments, he or she will get a one stroke penalty. Old rule: when player accidentally causes the ball to move, he or she has to place the ball back on the original spot with one stroke penalty.

    11. Flag stick Player can putt the ball on the green with the flag stick in. No penalty when the ball hits the flag stick. Old rule: when player putts the ball on the green and the ball hits the (unattended) flag stick, he or she will get a 2 stroke penalty.

    12. Repair on the green Players are allowed to repair damages on the green before putting. That includes spike marks, marks made by animals and other damages. Old rule: players are not allowed to repair damages on the green other than ball-marks and old hole plugs.

    13. Penalty areas Players are allowed to move loose impediments and ground their club when the ball is in penalty areas (see rule 4). Old rule: Player who moves loose impediments or ground their club when the ball is in penalty areas will get a 2 stroke penalty.

    14. Bunkers Players are allowed to move loose impediments in the bunker when the ball is in the bunker Old rule: Player who moves loose impediments in the bunker when the ball is in the bunker will get a 2 stroke penalty.

    15. OB OB will get a 2 stroke penalty and player must drop the ball next to the OB stick where ball went with 2 club length.


    BBC Etiquette :

    1. Show Respect : Etiquette is not in the rulebook but is just as important to keep golf fun. Golfers who do not stick to etiquette do not make themselves popular. You are not alone in the job and therefore you are expected to take account of other players. Etiquette is also about showing respect for the job you are playing and for the work that has been put into it. The point is that the game is played safely and that other players on the track can enjoy it as much as you do.
    2. Safety comes first : Golfers are strict when it comes to where someone is watching during a swing, because golf clubs can be very dangerous. Unfortunately, it still happens that people are injured. Always keep two meters away from someone who is going to hit, in the track or on the driving range. Golf balls are hard and fly fast. During the KLM Open 2014, golfer Fabrizio Zanotti was hit by a ball from a fellow player. He lost his consciousness and had to go to the hospital with an ambulance. It proved once again that golf can be dangerous if you are not careful. Therefore, always observe the following two rules: 1. Never strike if you could hit players who are ahead of you. 2. Always call 'FORE' when a ball goes the wrong way towards another golfer or spectator, even if you did not hit the ball yourself.
    3. Watch your behavior : Be and stand still when another player turns down. Turn off your mobile or vibrate while playing. In addition to safety, keeping distance during a swing or putt is also nice for a player who concentrates for a stroke. Therefore, stand on the side of someone, preferably so that you can see his / her face. Never stand in the field of vision on the green. Also make sure that you do not stand in the putt line of the ball and the hole.
    4. Think about your playing pace : Slow-play is one of the biggest problems in golf. There are many initiatives to do something about this. It can never hurt to ask yourself if you are doing everything to improve the pace of play.
    Playing nine or eighteen holes takes long enough for many golfers, so try to play as fast as possible. Do not take too much time between strokes. You do not need as much time as the pros. In fact, it probably does more harm than good for your game.
    Make sure you are always ready to hit and put your bag on the right side of the green so that you can quickly walk to the next tee after the hole. Always leave players behind you if you lose too much distance on the group in front of you. Always look at the balls of your fellow players. It can save a lot of time in searching.
    5. Take care of the job : Always repel plaggen, rake the bunker and repair pitchmarks, not just your own! It takes weeks before an unrepaired pitchmark is restored. On each track there are direction indicators that indicate where you can get your cart or buggy.

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